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What is the Hygge lifestyle concept, and How to use it?

What is Hygge

Hygge is a term that has gained fame over the last few years, but not everyone knows exactly what it means. Hygge is a Norwegian and Danish term that cannot be translated into a single word but suggests the feeling of being comfortable and friendly. It is actually a Danish concept that promotes the feeling of being comfortable and satisfied, this being a way to make our lives more beautiful. Here’s how you can adopt some Hygge concepts in your daily life.

What is Hygge

Hygge pronounces “hoo-ga” and this concept has its roots in the 19th century. However, Hygge became famous with the launch of the book “The Little Hygge Encyclopedia: The Danish Book of Happiness ” (“The little book of Hygge: The Danish Way to live well”). Immediately after the book was launched, the idea of the Hygge lifestyle became increasingly popular around the world.

However, even now no one has been able to explain exactly what this concept means. The warm light of a candle is … Hygge; a walk through the woods, in the fall, dressed in thick clothes is … Hygge; a huge fire in the middle of winter is … Hygge; a copious meal with the whole family can be … Hygge.

In Denmark, the “Hygge season” is Christmas, when the Danes dedicate themselves to this whole lifestyle. In this country, winters are long and dark, so the Danes fight the darkness with their best weapon: Hygge and the millions of candles that come in the package. Have you ever visited the Tivoli Gardens or wandered the streets of Copenhagen during the winter holidays? Then you know what the Danes can do with a few thousand light bulbs and boiled wine (known as gløgg ). If not, then you must necessarily enjoy such an experience.

Light a few candles

Candles are a true symbol for the Hygge concept, and in summer we forget about their existence. Why add another heat source during hot days? However, in the cold season, the situation is different. Candles transform a room, adding not only flavors and light but also ambiance. So invest in your favorite candles to get ready for the winter season. If you do not know how many candles are needed, the Danes recommend at least 5 to enjoy the Hygge properly.

Invest in bathroom products

Here we refer to the nice “bath bomb” with glitter, bath salts, lavender or sparkling smelling bath oil. Carefully prepare a bath with foam muuuuult and delicious flavors, do not forget a few candles of course and leave the stress behind after a hard week at the office. Nothing is more Hygge than this!

Buy a new set of pajamas

Is it more satisfying than going to bed in new pajamas? No matter which store you buy them from, make sure they are comfortable and as friendly as possible.

Spend more time offline

Can you wake up in the morning without checking your Instagram account? Can you enjoy the extra ten minutes of the luxury of lying down? Can you watch a TV show without checking who’s writing about it on Facebook? In fact, you can relax, with your eyes closed, without a TV, emails, SMS or notifications. Such moments mean Hygge art!

Cover yourself with fluffy blankets

What would a movie night be without a warm blanket? As temperatures drop, it’s time to get those big, fluffy blankets out of the naphthalene or buy new ones if necessary and cover yourself whenever you get the chance.

Make time for yourself

If in the summer it is very easy to spend a lot of time in the city, on holidays, parks, bars or on the terraces, in winter you will need more time for yourself. Whether that means sitting on the couch and reading a book, journaling or doing yoga, it is important to make time for yourself.

Prepare delicious food

Regardless of what special menus you know how to cook (or order) nothing compares to a steaming bowl of cheesecake or a baked potato drowned in cheesecloth. So-called “comfort food” is as much as possible of Hygge and you should enjoy at least once a week with such preparations and forget about the calories.

Drink hot chocolate with extra whipped cream or marshmallows

If you haven’t figured it out before, Hygge means all the things you enjoy and relax. And what could be better than a hot cup of hot chocolate with lots, lots of whiskey. And for an extra boost of … Hygge, add colorful sprinkles or marshmallows.

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